This Man Tries To Work At Home, But Kitty Just Won’t Let Him! AWW

Even though most people consider dogs to be the best friend a person can possibly have, they’re not the only ones capable of giving that kind of love. Any cat owner could tell you that our feline friends are as affectionate and cuddly as any dog can be, even if they’re not as jumpy and expressive about the whole thing. Yes, they are adorably jerk-ish sometimes, but they never mean anything wrong! For instance, the kitty in this video shows a little over-attachment, something lots of people wouldn’t expect in cats.

This man’s cat’s won’t let him work in peace! Even though the majority of people believe that cats are self-absorbed and never cute, this one proves the opposite. This man was just trying to do some paperwork while at home, but the cat starts demanding his attention immediately. The cat keeps walking all over the man’s papers and notes, and even rubs himself against him demanding his petting and attention. Who knew cats were this needy? Finally, the man has to desist and goes to take a nap with his furry feline friend.

Watch this adorable pair in the clip below. Is your cat like this one? Tell us all in the comments!

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