This Man Is Trying His Hardest To Be The Best Dad For His New Puppy! Awww!

Dogs are truly man’s best friend however; taking a puppy home is no small responsibility. In order to be able to provide the best life for your pup you need to make preparations similar to the ones done when expecting a baby. The next video features a young man learning the ins and outs of puppyhood!

This man is going about his day when he suddenly hears a little squeal. After looking around, he finally lays his eyes upon a very cute and adorable puppy. Seeing the adoption sign, the man simply can’t resist the opportunity to take care of this pup. He proceeds to then buy all the necessary supplies to be a great owner.

But things get funny the moment the duo arrives home. You’ll laugh when you see the funny little antics that every dog owner understands take place. The video depicts the hilarious shenanigans of this first time dad, figuring out what to feed the puppy, how to share the space, what to name the puppy, gosh even figuring out the gender of the puppy!

Look at this beautiful budding relationship, it is sure to remind you of your first days as puppy mom or dad? What did you have to compromise to be able to live happily with your furry friend?

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