Man Turns An Abandoned Plane Into THIS Creation! I’m In Awe!

Everyone has an ideal home that they would love to have, if it was possible. It’s different for everyone, and they can come in all sizes and styles, but most of us would be the happiest with a home that has enough space for all that we need. The man in the video below has a different idea, though. It’s surely a strange choice, but to each their own!

His name is Bruce Campbell, and he’s really loves aeronautics. This man from Portland loves airplanes so much that when he became aware that planes were eventually put out of circulation and sold cheaply for scraps and in parts, he got the perfect idea for the home that he always dreamed of. He bought a decommissioned jumbo jet plane to transform it into it!

The ship can no longer fly, since most of its essential parts have been removed, and Bruce took the chance to invest in a different kind of home for remodeling to his style. It’s a very odd choice, for sure, but it goes to show how the passion that people have for certain things can make them accomplish great feats.

Watch this man’s story for yourself in the video right below.

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