Man Turns All 4 Chairs On ‘The Voice’ After Singing A Gospel Song

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It is quite rare that a singer who has been performing just in a specific genre progress far in The Voice competitions. A rather big exception to this rule was Gospel singer Matthew Johnson, who participated in the 2019 American series. From the word go it was quite clear that the stoutly built Matthew had the voice that can carry a church choir. It just took two notes from those strong lungs to get Blake Sheldon to turn his chair during the blind auditions. Not long after the first turn, Matthew was able to look down on all four judges’ faces.

There was never any doubt that this contestant can sing and has the capacity to do so much more than only gospel songs. After John Legend informing Matthew of his religious background and connection to church choirs, Matthew joined his group and John as his coach. On the verge of falling out of the competition in episode eight, Matthew was “stolen” by coach Kelly Clarkson.

Only being eliminated in episode 16, just before the finals, Matthew has proven his ability to transcend from a fixed genre singer to one who is capable of taking on almost any style the coaches through at him. Not winning by no means broke Matthew’s spirit and he left the competition the way he came in: ‘I Smile,’ the hit song by Kirk Franklin he performed during his blind audition.

Matthew Johnson is one of the type of singers that you somehow know you will hear from further in the future, not only due to his singing performance but also his entire outlook on life, taking everything with a smile. This seems to be a case of practice what you sing.

Man Turns All 4 Chairs On ‘The Voice’ After Singing A Gospel Song