When This Man Walked On The Stage With His Dog, No One Expected The Dog To Do This

I have always been fascinated by the thought of having a talking dog as a friend. How cool would it be if a dog could sing and talk? Well it does sound crazy and impossible. Simon Cowell also thought it was impossible, until this latest audition of Britain’s Got Talent happened. Frenchman Marc Metral shook the whole auditorium when he introduced his talking dog Miss Wendy to everyone. Even Simon Cowell was impressed with the talking dog.

Britain’s Got Talent is always full of surprises and astonishments. This show never ceases to provide enough entertainment for its audiences. To top off the entertainment, in one of the auditions of 2015, a talking dog walked on the stage and stunned the whole world.

Marc is 61 years and he wanted to have a special moment in this Britain’s biggest talent show. When he told his wife that he would be taking his dog to the show, she thought he was crazy. I guess Marc had never shown her his talking dog act or surely she would have seen the talent in this dog. Well, to tell you the truth, everyone thought he was crazy when he walked on the stage and tried to talk to his dog. But, moments later everyone was blown away.

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