When he walked on stage with his dog, Simon never expected to see them do this!

The “Got Talent” stage always brings loads of amazing individuals and groups to light. There is never a dull moment, and we get the chance to see some fantastic acts. The video below is no exception where you will meet two amazing performers.

Please meet Marc Métral and his dog Wendy. Sixty-one-year-old Marc is a ventriloquist from Paris and trust me; he is going to blow you away!

No one expected to see what they saw when Marc came on stage. All through his performance, Marc made the audience laugh, and people can be seen drying their tears at the end of it.

I was amused to see Simon get so very smitten with this act! Marc received a standing ovation from all the people present, and it is very gratifying to see his reaction.

Not only did the audience give him a standing ovation, so did all of the judges, especially Simon! He was the first to stand. I think part of the charm of this act was Marc’s love for his dog was so evident. But Simon was immediately smitten by the dog even before she began to talk and sing. But the first time the dog spoke, Simon’s face was just priceless.

Another thing that made this act so successful was that it wasn’t overdone and Marc wasn’t trying too hard. He was just himself with his beloved dog. How he trained her to open her mouth at just the right moment is astounding to me. It was a hilarious act.

This is awesome. Watch what Simon tells everyone he meets at the end! What are your thoughts about it? Let us know in the comments!

When he walked on stage with his dog, Simon never expected to see them do this!