Man Walks Into Cat Sanctuary. I Nearly Fell Over When I Saw How Many There Were.

This is how I’d love to spend a day – in the company of hundreds of cats. Chris Poole, who has a YouTube channel about the adventures of his two adorable kitties, Cole and Marmalade, went to the Cat House on the Kings, a no-cage shelter in California, that spreads out over 12 acres that’s fenced-in. Over 700 cats live there, though it rises dramatically when kittens come in. Poole took a video diary of his stay at the shelter.

The first thing that we see is a cat coming up to look curiously at his camera. After a bit of narration, he takes us back to 4am, when he first gets there and sees all these glowing eyes looking back at him. There are so many friendly cats coming up and rubbing against them. This is not a one-woman operation, there are both staff and volunteers who come to help. This is good because there is a LOT of work.

The cats eat over half a ton of wet and dry food a week. How do they do it? They mix the two of them together and put them in large serving trays for all the cats to eat. While the majority of them eat peacefully, there are some flare-ups. After they eat, they then have to use the litterbox… the staff goes through 600 pounds of litter a week. I bet they buy in bulk from a warehouse store.

Medical staff is always present too, there are seven vet techs that are there. The shelter is a non-profit, and they always welcome donations. It’s just so cool seeing this many cats, though I would probably get a little antsy if more than 15 of them came up to me at once. People can adopt the cats, though appointments are needed to be able to see them. It’s an amazing place and I hope it continues running for a long time.

What do you think of the place? Would you visit it? I would! Have you seen anything like it? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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