Man Walks Up To Polar Bear From Behind. I Was Flabbergasted At Her Response.

There’s a list of animals that I make it a point to stay far, far, far away from. Polar bears are one of them. I’m not even entirely comfortable being in a zoo with one. It’s also why I make it a point to not visit places like the Arctic. Well, the insanely low temperatures for much of the year and the whole death by freezing thing also keeps me in warmer climates. I still have to tip my hat to Mark Dumas, who is the very brave fellow that we see in this video.

We see him wrestling with an 800-lb polar bear named Agee. That’s something that would require a whole lot of money for me to consider doing. He also swims in a pool with her and they hang out by the side. Again, a large amount of greenbacks for me – plus about 10 years to spend it before even thinking of doing that. They get along famously, though. Good for him… just not something for me.

Dumas has known Agee since she was a cub and over 16 years have passed. That’s quite a lot of time to gain familiarity. That’s fantastic and all, great job on creating that bond. There would still be something constantly tickling the back of my brain. What would it be? Ah, yes… “This is a near half-ton polar bear that could use me as a toothpick if she so desired” Let’s just say that it’s better he be in there with her than me.

Even though I’m snarky about what he does, I’m still incredibly impressed. I put him up there with those people that walk into lion dens, especially that one guy who has lions leap into his arms for hugs. It takes a very different person to be able to do something like that. I can barely communicate with my two cats sometimes, so this is on a whole different level. He deserves all the accolades he gets.

Even though she’s so gigantic, Agee is so cute! What did you think? Would you even consider getting in the same area code as her? Be sure to leave a comment below!

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