Man Watches Daughter Ride Bike In Park. His Reason For Doing So Is Sad And Inspiring.

We live in a time where we’re rushed. There’s always something to do… shopping, after-school classes, homework, and many other things. It seems like kids should have more time to just play and be kids. Parents should spend more time watching their kids play instead of burying their noses in their smartphone. They won’t remember what the last video they watched was… they will remember their kids laughing while playing. The story in this video illustrates that.

There’s a picture of a beaming young girl on a swing and text is superimposed over it. It tells the story of a woman sitting in the park, watching her son play. Next to her is a man who is watching his daughter ride a bike. They talk for a bit and then he indicates to the daughter that it’s time to leave. She asks him for five more minutes. He tells her sure. He sits down again and the five minutes come and go.

The man asks his daughter again if she’d like to leave. She pleads for another five minutes, he smiles and gives it to her. The woman next to him compliments him on his patience. He replies that a drunk driver hit and killed her brother last year and he regretted not spending more time with him. He vowed to enjoy watching his daughter play and not repeat the same mistake. I’m sure the woman was wiping away tears at that point.

The sad thing is that things like this happen. It’s crushing to lose a child and even though another one may be around, getting past the loss is difficult. I admit that there are times when I’ve been too busy to play with my son. I’m not getting that time back and I keep pledging to change that. I hope my brain catches up with my work sometimes. Regret is a terrible feeling and the man in this story knows that.

How about you? Have you had anything like this happen. If you feel up to telling your story, we’d be honored if you told us about it in the comments section.

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