Man’s dog watches him fall asleep every night, he cries when he finds out why

Every time we adopt a dog, we don’t really know the story that brought him there. Some of them have gone through very sad episodes of abuse while others have been neglected. Some of these dogs come with a story that would make you cry if you found out what had happened.

Their backstories make them who they are. It can also make their behavior difficult for their owners to understand. When this happens, you just try to rub it off and not make a big deal out of it. You figure that as soon as you start creating beautiful memories with the new dog, he will go back to normal.

One man decides to adopt a Golden Retriever from a local animal shelter. There is something about the golden retriever’s eyes that look sweet to the man. He has no idea that this is about to be an amazing emotional journey.
When the family initially brings this dog home, they are very happy. He is everything they can ever hope for. He is a very playful dog and has won everyone’s heart. There is one behavior that has been puzzling the family. There is this gate that separates the owner’s bedroom from where the dog sleeps. The dog would stand on his hind legs and watch them sleep.

At first, they think the dog has excess energy at the end of the day. If he were more tired, the dog would probably be sleeping a long time before his owners. They figure they just must exercise him a lot more to get him to that point. They give that possibility a shot and wait for the end of the day. The dog is surely tired but continues with the same nocturnal ritual. The owner thinks that the dog might have a medical condition that could be contributing to this behavior, so he takes him to the vet. The vet examines the dog but cannot find anything wrong with him. This is even more concerning for the owner.

The owner finally goes back to the shelter. He is desperate to find out if staff there might be able to know why his dog is doing this. Maybe by knowing what happened, he will be able to help the dog out. He schedules an appointment and goes to the shelter the following day.

Once in the shelter, the staff explains that this behavior is normal in his dog. It is caused by what happened when the dog was left at the shelter. When the owner finds out, he is determined to help his pal overcome this trauma. Once you find out, you are going to want to go out and give that dog a hug!