Man’s tired of criminals stealing his mail, so he sets up a “surprise” package for them

Have you ever gotten home waiting to get your package? The package has already been confirmed by the parcel service. You get home and find out it is not there? I think I know at least five people that had this happened to them in the last couple of years. This is one of the most frustrating feelings.

The reason why you make an online purchase is because the item is something that you normally cannot find in a store. You spend your hard-earned money on it, wait anxiously for it to get to your home… only to never get it. You are left wondering if it was a glitch with the delivery company or someone else decided to take it.

I’ve tried setting up cameras to get these guys and have been successful in the past. The problem is that the images are generally blurry, making it difficult to make out the thief’s face. When this happens, you are left with that bitter feeling in your stomach and longing feeling of revenge… Ok, maybe revenge is a little extreme but I have thought about it.

A resident in Tacoma, Washington had this happen to him a few times. He was tired of having his package stolen right off his front porch. He came up with a creative solution. He would leave bait for the thieves, with a stunning surprise waiting inside. Jaireme Barrow came up with a way of taking an ordinary Amazon delivery box and rigging it for thieves. He placed a firing mechanism which contained a blank 12-gauge shotgun shell attached to a string. The way it worked was simple: the shell fires once you pick up the box.

His invention is completely harmless. The most important thing is that it serves a purpose. The loud and frightening sound scares thieves and makes them run for the hills. In the following video, you can see two examples of Jaireme’s bait catching thieves in the act. The thieves can’t help but get to his porch in hopes of stealing the big package he has waiting to be picked up. They grab the package and the shells explode sending them running.

When asked about his motives for this particular way of teaching the thieves a lesson, he says: “You know, you’re at work and you’re working hard and you’ve got these people out there that make a daily routine of running around and stealing packages,” he said. “There’s no real way to prevent it so this is my solution.” Check out the hilarious reactions in the following clip!