Man’s wife goes into labor. Nurse Rushes To Tell Him His “Other” Woman Is Too.

When we’re expecting a baby in the family, this is a reason for joy and happiness in all the family. Each baby in the family special. There are people who would say that the first baby in the family is the most expected and special. I don’t think so, each baby brings along its own set of expectations, plans and happiness. Whenever two women in the family are expecting, this is a special time in all their lives. It’s always good when you can have a baby who has a cousin around his or her age.

They can be play pals, go to the same school, make the same soccer team. People say that maybe up to three years would be the largest age gap when they can have things in common. The following story takes place in 2016. Katie is making all the preparations to give birth to her daughter.

At about the same time, her sister Corey is, too. They both became pregnant at about the same time. Katie is scheduled for a C-section today her sister is scheduled for one a later date. Corey and Katie’s husband are alongside Katie making sure she’s okay and recording the whole thing.

However, something very strange happens. Katie starts going into labor, doctors and nurses rush to get everything ready. Katie’s husband is of course by her side encouraging her and making her feel as comfortable as he can. Suddenly, something comes up: Corey starts going into labor to. The Dr. who was present there makes the decision to go ahead with Corey’s C-section even though it was scheduled a later date. At about that time, Katie’s baby is born.

From there, both families go to the next delivery room were Corey’s husband is already there trying to capture each moment that takes place. You’re probably thinking that something like this has happened before. Doctors and nurses performed several C-section a day. In their years of practice, they have surely seen this happen. On the contrary, one of the nurses there said that she has never seen two sisters give birth at the same time. The nurse said that this would be the closest thing to having twins with two separate people.

The two cousins are born and they are named Indie and Ryatt. This hospital is the start of a lifelong relationship. Luckily for both cousins, Travis is there to record every moment as it happens. Allowing the viewers to see magical moments take place. If you want to see this magical story unfold, please make sure to check the video. I’m sure you haven’t seen anything like this!