Many artists have attempted to cover “Angel.” Sarah McLachlan’s timeless classic done right!

Covers have been a great way for many different people to not only gain popularity and notoriety, but can also sky rocket careers for their unique takes on where to put emphasis in the song. Karaoke has been popular in many different cultures for a variety of reasons, ranging from socializing to letting off steam. Getting together with friends, ordering a few drinks and belting out the classics can be a good way to build not only trust, but synergy and cohesion.

However, many have taken to covering songs for a completely different reason. Shows like “The Voice,” “Britain’s Got Talent,” “So You Think You Can Sing?” and “American Idol,” have had many jump into the spotlight covering their renditions of timeless classics or amazing talents. It wasn’t hard to see the trend of shows like this becoming popular, I mean who wouldn’t want to be rich and famous based on their voice or a talent? Even if you didn’t win, you still got your 15 minutes, and maybe some talent agency would pick you up based on your performance.

The Voice, a popular talent show, had one performance that I couldn’t stop watching. Everything you look for in a singer, you’ll find in Angel. A beautiful performance- her range, her pitch, the power behind her voice really takes McLachlan’s tribute to the late Smashing Pumpkins keyboardist to another level! The emotional charge behind her powerful, yet dainty voice really speaks volumes. I haven’t found anything to date that even remotely compares to Angel’s version!

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