Barbershop Quartet Entertains Delayed Passengers on Flight

Flights can be delayed when you least expect it. And for some reason, they get delayed when you are more in a hurry or have planned your dream vacations with your family. If you have flown enough to have gotten to use those frequent flyer miles, then I am sure you have experienced this at least a couple of times.

One awful delayed flight scenario is when you have already boarded the flight. The PA system is turned on, and the Captain and flight attendants are the ones who tell you that you will have to wait. You will probably stay on the plane for about an hour or maybe a little more. If you have something like a tablet or a smartphone with you, you can at least play a game or even make a call if you can. That will make time seem a little less tedious. All you want is for the plane to take off and for you to get to your destination as quickly as possible.


Well, this scenario happened. Passengers on a flight started getting a bit cranky when they were informed that their flight would be delayed for 5 hours. Can you imagine? The stewardesses knew they had to come up with something to make everything more bearable. That’s when one of them discovered they actually had a barbershop quartet on board.

The flight attendant went and asked them if they could offer the other passengers a short-improvised performance. What they did not only eased the stress a little bit but also made everyone’s day. A miserable time turned around by some amazing singing.

Barbershop Quartet Entertains Delayed Passengers on Flight