Many singers have covered this song, but you have never seen it like this!

Many singers have covered the song in the following video, but after hearing this rendition, you will agree that next to Josh Groban, this is probably the second one out there. This song was made popular by Josh Groban. His story became well-known as his videos started garnering thousands of views. He even got to sing with Celine Dion, more on that in a minute.

Anyone who saw Josh as a teenager would not imagine that he would be an opera singer. Opera singers usually have a big personality and sometimes big build along with a big voice. They are respected for the amazing range their voices have, and the ability to sing any song or genre that comes their way. Josh was just a skinny teenager that you would think would be big on video games or books, not opera.

Just to show that looks can be deceiving, Celine Dion was waiting for Andrea Bocelli to rehearse for an important show. The thing is, she was informed that he wouldn’t be able to make it. The show’s producers brought her a substitute singer for the rehearsal, it was young Josh Groban. The minute Celine saw Josh, she thought it would be a very long evening.

But then, something happened. Josh started to sing, and it became very clear that he was for real. He was an excellent singer with a voice that didn’t seem to match his appearance. But this wasn’t Josh’s first rodeo either. He showed great talent from a very young age. He studied arts and singing in a prestigious art school where he honed his skills and crafted his talent.

After the stint with Celine Dion, he was able to get a record deal. He sang many songs that became classics, including a couple of Christmas albums. One of his most well-known renditions is the one for a song called “The Prayer.” It’s a song that became a classic because no one could sing it with the same sound as he would. It has been covered by many talented artists, with many great performances.

I’ve seen it covered by children and adults alike, but for some reason, they had failed to move me with their singing. I don’t know, maybe I’m just a Josh Groban fan, but no one sounded as good as him. That is until I heard the cover of a man by the name of Marcelito Pomoy. You might ask, just what makes this cover so much better than the rest? Let’s say it’s like having two singers in one person. Just watch!