March 23: A Special Day To Celebrate The Furball Of Cuteness – Puppies!

Apparently, March 23 of each year is National Puppy Day. I was not aware of that before, but this video has now brought it to the forefront of my mind. Now I want to go circle that date on calendars for the next five years, at least. Life will be good if I get to see the avalanche of puppies that we see here every year. It’s a day to help drive puppy adoptions from shelters. Well, if this was an adoption event that was held at the video shoot, the room should have been empty 20 seconds later.

I must warn you though… if you’re not a professional puppy watcher, then this video can be very dangerous to watch. The sheer amount of cuteness on display here can overwhelm you like a tidal wave if you’re not careful. There are so many cute puppies here that it can be very difficult to focus on one particular one. I recommend building up to this one here… maybe watch videos starring one or two puppies to acclimate yourself.

Seriously, though, that was one of the biggest concentrations of cute puppies I’ve ever seen. My attention wandered since I’d be looking at one cute puppy, and then another one would pop onto the screen and I’d be torn between looking at one or the other. Forget it if there were more than three of them. My eyes just glazed over … all the sweetness there hit me like I had three glazed donuts one right after the other.

While this video is awesome, we shouldn’t need National Puppy Day. Every day should be National Puppy Day. Well, there should be a National Puppy Day video every day, since the place where I live doesn’t allow dogs. This is the closest I’ll get to having one for myself. If I found myself in that room, I wouldn’t know which one of them I would bring home. Talk about a good problem to have…

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