Mariah Carey sings her Christmas hit in the car, but some guests decide to crash the party!

Carpool karaoke has been a smash hit everywhere people have seen it. There are many moments that have been etched in people’s minds. Like the episode with Selena Gomez. This artist has come a long way since appearing on television series. She has cemented a career based on hit after hit. She’s not only a favorite of new generations but she had also captured the hearts of older people.

In this one episode of Carpool Karaoke, Selena and the host decide to do a very special performance. The host doesn’t know, but Selena loves roller coasters. So, she thought it would be fun if instead of doing the regular clip in the car, they would sing or at least try to sing on board the roller coaster. The thing is, James Coden is very afraid of them and normally you would have a challenging time talking him into getting on one.

Reluctantly James agrees, and they get on the roller coaster. To make things worse, Selena wants to go at the very front of the ride. This space is the one that gives the biggest rush to the people who sit on it. The ride starts, and you can see Selena start to sing. James wants to sing as well but he can’t seem to focus on the song. A few seconds into the ride, James starts forgetting the lyrics for the song.

Selena keeps singing and looking cool at the same time and James is struggling with his words. At one point, he says, “Oh my God!” He’s very surprised and he clearly wasn’t expecting the ride to make singing that difficult. After a few seconds, you can see James manages to slip in a line of the song and that’s when the ride stops. The sad news for James is that Selena wants to do it again!

Another funny episode was with Miley Cyrus. She has gotten into the car and because of her recent habit of sticking her tongue out, James thinks he has found the perfect use for this antic. He pulls out a pile of envelopes and says he must mail a lot of letters. Now that Miley has her tongue out, James starts using it to moisten some of the stamps that he will be sticking on each envelope.

Now, the following video is nothing short of funny. James decides he needs some help with his Christmas shopping. He knows which of his celebrity friends will be of most help to him. So, he calls Mariah Carey. James asks Mariah what kind of present she would like, and she says she has the perfect one in mind. She asks him to sing the song, “All I want for Christmas is you.” James gets ready, but little does he know, this is going to be a party crashed by many!