Mariah Carey’s ‘All I Want For Christmas’ Captured in LEGO To Brighten The Day

A Cover and Lego Music Video of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ by The Piano GuysCan you imagine what would happen if you had to splice everyone’s beloved creative toy, Lego, and Mariah Carey’s holiday wonderland expressed in essence of ‘All I Want For Christmas?’ Well you won’t need to wonder thanks to The Piano Guys from Salt Lake City. They’ve crashed a Lego music video using the backing of our favorite diva’s tune.

Don’t be surprised if Lego makes your Christmas shopping list this year after watching this wonderfully animated short tale. It’s the ideal light-hearted accompaniment to seasonal celebrations and a music video that’s fun for the whole family. It must have taken hundreds of hours of work to build this, let alone arrange it to music.

This whole video is created from nothing more than stop motion animated Lego constructions, played out to their cover of ‘All I Want For Christmas’ that brings out the best from these two amazing classical artists. This time around, The Piano Guys astound with a music video that’s equally as breath-taking as their mastery of music.