A Marine Begs To Adopt His Fellow Soldier. What Happens When He Kneels Down? WOW!

Marine Sgt. Ross Gundlach was separated from his partner Casey after Sgt. Ross had finished his service in Afghanistan. It had been over a year since they had seen each other but he was determined to get Casey back no matter what.

Casey, a Labrador retriever served more than 150 missions along with Sgt. Ross. They were partners and together they swept off the roads for bombs in Afghanistan. According to Sgt. Ross, he owed his life to Casey.

Sgt. Ross and Casey had developed their special bond during their operations. And during one mission, Sgt. Ross had promised Casey that if they made out alive then he would do whatever it took to find her. And Sgt. Ross has kept his promise.

He wanted to make a plea for adopting Casey during this ceremony. But, he was not expecting THIS surprising twist.

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