Dancing Marine Has Crowd In Cheers When He Busts Out His Hidden Moves

marine breakdance at marine ball

At any social function, whether a wedding, dance party, or birthday, you can count on the presence of at least one wild and crazy party animal who’s going to make a mad dash to the dance floor before anyone else…

Not that there’s anything wrong with loving music and dancing — on the contrary, we should all be glad there are people who are always eager to break the ice. At a Marine Corps ball, it was a sergeant major who had all the moves and went straight to the dance floor to prove it.

A lot of these Marines weren’t even born when Michael Jackson was in his glory days, in the early and mid-1980s. But as usual, if you cue up anything by the King of Pop, you’re going to get people dancing. It isn’t long after the sound of Jackson’s 1983 hit “Billie Jean” fills the room that an impromptu Marine Corps dance-off gets going.

The aforementioned sergeant major, wearing white pants, is first on the dance floor and he starts out with an incredible leg bend twist that has everyone cheering. He keeps at it with breakdancing moves, including a spectacular worm.

But he isn’t the only one with game. Next up, a tall Marine in black pants shuffles out onto the dance floor and does a perfect Michael Jackson style robot. Meanwhile, the first Marine hasn’t stopped and is doing some expert moonwalking…

The second Marine isn’t going to let himself be upstaged and he drives the audience wild with a spin followed by an epic split. We don’t know if this dance contest had a formal winner, but these guys were having a great time and setting a standard for everyone else to aim for. It’s certainly a well-earned change from their usual spit-and-polish routine!

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Dancing Marine Has Crowd In Cheers When He Busts Out His Hidden Moves