This Marine Dog Lost His Partner While On Duty. When You Hear Their Story, You’ll Be SOBBING!

Lots of people may not realize it, but there’s a whole history of heroic dogs that have worked alongside humans for our safety and convenience. Life as a service dog can be very hard, because they work intensely with their partners in situations of great hardship and risk. Because of this, most of them become very attached to them, and when tragedy strikes, its consequences stay for a very long time. The video that we put below shows a very touching story about this very subject. It gives some light on a topic that not many people are aware of.

It features the story of Sirius, a K-9 Marine dog and his partner, Lance corporal Joshua Ashley. Their story has been inspiration of many literary works and programs about treating service dogs after they retire. After Lance Cpl. Ashley died in combat in a mine explosion, Sirius was affected very deeply, in a very heartbreaking way.

The video talks about the consequences of life loss in relation to military dogs and their caretakers and partners. I never imagined that life in service could be so hard and painful, even for the dogs involved in them.

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