A Marine Lost His Life In Line Of Duty. But What His Dog Does Next? I Can’t Stop Crying!

His best friend left his side in a matter of moments. His life is going to be an emotional roller coaster to say the least. They say that dog is man’s best friend, and in the case of a soldier, a dog is more than a friend – he is your brother. Imagine a soldier’s dog mourning when his brother dies in the line of duty. “Max” is a feature film that revolves around this heart touching subject.

It is made by the producers of the classic dog movie called Marley and Me. It explores the journey of a military dog that loses his handler Kyle in Afghanistan. This is definitely going to strike a chord in you. Military dogs have done a great deal of things for our country and they deserve our respect.

Max mourns the loss of his handler but comes home to live with Kyle’s family. Kyle had a younger brother who was troubled, and when Max comes to live with the family after Kyle’s death, Max teaches the younger brother a few lessons. But there’s more to this story than it would appear.

Max knows some secrets about a bad guy who was in Kyle’s military unit and when this guy shows up at the family’s home, Max is not happy about it. Through Max, Kyle’s younger brother investigates what this guy is into and through it all, the two become as close as Max was with Kyle.

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