Marine Says Goodbye To A Stray Dog. He Was In For A Surprise 2 Days Later!

I absolutely love stories of service man & women finding solace in the friendship with stray while on duty. It is truly in times of crisis when the true value of a human animal bond shines through. Brace yourselves because we’ve come across an incredible example of this very occurrence. In 2007, Marine Major Brian Dennis went to Iraq while on his second tour on duty.

He was there to train Iraqi soldiers at a base camp where stray dogs ran rampant. But as soon as Major Dennis met one very special stray, he and the dog formed an immediate friendship. The soldiers named the pooch “Nubs” because of his ears, which were cut off by an Iraqi soldier to make him a “tougher” security dog.

Despite years of hardship and illness, Nubs always welcomed the Marine with an open heart. But one day, Major Dennis had to travel 70 miles to the border. While driving off, he watched as Nubs longingly followed behind the Humvee — but he assumed the dog would eventually grow tired and head back.

A couple of days later, Major Dennis was inside the Iraqi Battalion Headquarters when a fellow Marine pulled him aside. “You’re not gonna believe who’s outside,” he said.

Watch this awe-inspiring footage!


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