Marine Went To Adopt This Army Dog. But The Surprise He Got In Return Left Me Sobbing!

Marine Sergeant Ross Gundlach met Casey the dog when he was serving in Afghanistan. They were partners. However they were separated when Sgt. Ross finished his term. When he was returning, Sgt. Ross made a promise to Casey. He told her that no matter how hard it might be, but he will definitely adopt her someday.

Marines are not allowed to have personal attachment with their fellow soldier dogs. However, Casey and Sgt. Ross became great friends in an instant. So, during this army program Sgt. Ross wished to make his plea to the authorities to let him adopt Casey. Sgt. Ross was all prepared to make the speech that would touch everyone’s heart and grant him his wish. However, what he didn’t know was the surprise his fellow soldiers had planned for him.

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