Marine Wife Driven To Hospital While He’s Away. The Shocking News When He Returns! Touching.

The military is a tough oven that makes tough cookies. The brave soldiers who fight fiercely for our rights, freedoms, luxuries- they all have gotten the rough end of the deal. Yet they shoulder it with pride, unflinching in their resolve. They have families, babies on the way, sick parents- they are human just like you and me. Also not like you and me, in their focus, attention to detail, and execution.

This is Marine Corpsman Craig Henry. He was anxious leaving his wife, hoping he would be able to see the love of his life again. He was to be deployed to Afghanistan. The wife, Bruna Henry, showed her love and admiration for the dear soldier before he left. Both whispering sweet-nothings to each other.

There is an idea mostly in the animal kingdom, that if a parent is on the verge of death, they can be reunited with offspring who rely on them to provide. This has astounded worked shabby percentage of times. The evidence may not be concrete, but it is has occurred before. I’m assuming the intention was for the return of hubby, because the next bit of news would fray my nerves the entire time I was gone. Dearest wife Bruna informed the Marine that she was pregnant. Henry was over-thrilled with the very welcome surprise.

With that, he had a new determination and a new sense of focus. To survive, to see his baby and raise the young ‘un in his image. As the estimated date of delivery came and went the young Marine was on his way home. Where we left off with them, Bruna waits patiently for her loveable hubby to welcome the new addition to the family. The small young tyke is in a little baby hoodie, his fingers still not fully under his control yet.

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