Marines Finally Return from The Frontlines of Iran! Oprah Gives Them an Amazing Welcome Home.

Marines aren’t exactly a group of people one associates with heavy, intense feelings. It’s usually words like, “tough, strong” or “brave.” The misconception is really highlighted thanks to Oprah. Their power comes from their power of their emotions, from their level of control and determination. A proud branch of the military, the ones who are called first. The first boots that hit the ground. Some marines are away from their loved ones and from their beloved countries for YEARS at a time. Fighting in our stead to protect this great nation.

With such a dangerous and unpredictable job, it really is something to come home. To return to the home you love, a country so great, you would give your life to protect it. To protect your family, your friends, and even strangers. They give so much without so much as a second glance to hear if we said “Thank you.” (Just in case, Thank you Marines.)

Oprah preludes with a beautiful sentiment of how she views the military. Commending their heroism and thanking them for their service in protecting the USA. When she brings them out, we learn they have been fighting the last SEVEN months on the frontlines of Iran. Wow, that’s really harrowing. I can’t have any idea what that must be like.

With their introduction, these Marines prove another commonly perceived trait- courtesy. Every experience I’ve seen, I have never seen a rude soldier of any branch of military. Always ending every sentence with a respectful, “Yes Ma’am,” or “Yes Ma’am.” Just the perfect bunch of gentleman!

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