Market worker tests store’s mic, shoppers hit record when they hear his amazing voice

In the city of Boston, Massachusetts there is a little shop called “Russo’s Market”. This place is no different from any other supermarket except in the fact that one of its employees has been hiding a secret talent that he shared with the stores customers in the Christmas season of 2017. This young man whose name is Guilherme Assuncoa, or Gillie to his friends, was testing the public address system that had been set up in the store for a Christmas concert that they were going to hold the next day. He stepped up to the microphone opened his mouth and had the entire shop stunned.

The magical sounds coming out of this native Brazilian stopped everyone in their tracks. He had started to sing O Holy Night that took everyone by total surprise. His growing audience all had their mobile phones out recording what would be one of the best shopping days they would have. The pure tonal qualities and power of his voice were so obvious to everybody who had the pleasure of witnessing this amazing impromptu operatic performance. Gillie’s story is one that dreams are made of. He settled in the United States in 2015 from his home country of Brazil, under a student visa. After his performance at his employ, the markets owners uploaded the clip onto their Facebook page.

The Facebook post became so popular that he was inundated with request to sing at locations all over Boston. Not bad for a Food-Service employee of a little market in Watertown. Just a little side note for you all, Watertown is also the home of the 80’s super-band “Boston” and is where they recorded there 17 time platinum awarded debut album, Helen Keller even attended the “Perkins Institute for the Blind” there before she passed away in 1968. I just love trivia….don’t you?

Now, back to our hero Guilherme Assuncoa, now after Gillie’s magical-market-moment he found out that he had been accepted into the “Berklee College of Music’s” undergraduate program, after he was allowed to audition for them to try a secure a spot as a member of the 2022 class. Gillie said “I cried a little bit, and then the first thing I did was I called my grandmother in Brazil. I woke her up, because it was almost 2 a.m. there, and I told her, and she was super proud of it.”

Click on the link below to see just how talented this unknown, for now, young man is. I think that this will not be the last time that we here his name, and even though it is hard to pronounce it would not surprise me if it became a very much deserved household name.