Marnie The Parrot Celebrates His Birthday With An Amazing Bash! His Birthday Party Is Impressive!

Parrots are extremely smart and adorable! When cared for correctly and loved a lot these animals are able to live for a very long time and forge incredible bonds with their humans. In the following video you’ll see an example of a great parrot-human relationship!

Meet Marnie, this adorable parrot turned five in amazing style. You see, Marnie’s mom decided to pamper him for his big day, and she planned the best parrot bash ever! There were plates of waffles to eat, vibrant-colored candles, and even other animal guests on hand like the family dog. Best of all, Marnie got the most awesome birthday gift ever, a stuffed plush bunny. It might not seem that awesome to us, but just watch how Marnie falls absolutely in love with his new squishy friend!

As the blue Indian Ringneck gets his present, Marnie starts repeating “I love you!” over and over again. It’s really absolute cuteness overload.

Marnie’s owner says that his love affair for bunnies started when he was just a baby. Marnie was coincidentally adopted on Easter, and Mom gifted him a bunny back then. When you squeeze that bunny, it said “Somebunny loves you!” Marnie hasn’t stopped talking since.

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