Marnie The Parrot Shows His Affection For His New Bunny Toy In The Cutest Way!

Some animals develop attachments to the weirdest things. My cat has this filthy cat toy that he’s had for over a decade – though he protests LOUDLY if we even look like we’re going to throw it out. Since we value having most of our skin claw-mark free, we let him keep it. Marnie, the parrot who is the questioned star of this video, would probably react similarly if his mommy or daddy threw out his stuffed animals. Here he is meeting a new one.

Marnie’s mommy brings him into the kitchen, where his daddy is making some food. There’s a bowl, and inside the bowl is a stuffed rabbit. This parrot, who has some really beautiful colors, is over the moon at the sight of this. Yay! He immediately starts showing how friendly and loving he is to the rabbit, who only responds if the mommy picks up the rabbit. Marnie, of course, doesn’t pick up on this deception.

Marnie wants to hang out with his buddy. He’s even got a crush on her – “Gimme a kiss!” he says and pecks the rabbit on the head. I think a real rabbit would have been kind of cool with that show of affection, don’t you? A cat, on the other hand, might suddenly decide that it was dinnertime and Marnie was the main course. Good thing a kitty isn’t there, isn’t it? Marnie is so sweet, anyways, so he wouldn’t be tasty.

Some may wonder about Marnie’s grip on reality. Then again, he’s a parrot, and he’s no more tethered to the real world than say, a certain orange-skinned politician. He’s just having a good time with the rabbit that he considers his best buddy in the whole world. There’s nothing wrong with that, especially if this makes him happy. A happy bird will be a healthy bird, that’s for sure.

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