Martha Stewart’s Trick To Buying The PERFECT Thanksgiving Turkey! Martha Knows Best! ALWAYS!

If you’ve ever walked into the grocery store around this time of year, you know how confusing it can be. Finding the best ways to cook a turkey is one thing, but figuring out which turkey to buy can sometimes be the most confusing decision of the holiday. Do you buy organic? Natural? Free range? What’s the difference? There used to be just one or two brands of turkeys in the store, but now there are so many to choose from that making the decision is more difficult than actually cooking it.

Martha Stewart to the rescue! In this video clip, Martha explains how to choose the right turkey for your family, how big of a turkey you should buy, and the difference between natural and organic. In this clip, we see Martha on set explaining the difference between the four turkeys in front of her. She says they look very different, but they all looked the same to me until she explained the differences.

One of the things to note is the difference in price per pound of each turkey. Natural costs more than those specially bred to give more meat, and organic costs even more per pound than natural. But when she gets to the odd-looking turkey at the end and says it is about $5 a pound, I thought that for that price, that turkey better cook itself!

It’s always good to know exactly what you want before you walk into the grocery store around Thanksgiving. It makes everything so much less stressful! As for me, I’ll be buying one of the biggest birds they have for my Thanksgiving feast!

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