Maru The Cat Sees Giant Hamster Ball On Floor. Any Maru Fan Knows What He Does Next.

It was an unexpected gift on a Friday night – I was working on my laptop and a notification popped up that a new Maru video had been posted. I don’t think I’ve clicked a notification box open that fast. A few seconds later, I was watching my favorite cat on the internet again – I said on the Internet… my two cats are my favorites in real life, and I’m not saying that because they are nearby…

Maru sees what looks like a larger version of a hamster ball. There are two holes. The first thing he does is stick his head in and try to get in. That only serves to have him push the ball around on the floor. If he lifts his head up, he’ll look like an astronaut with a pink helmet. There are plenty of air slits for those who are worried he might get in trouble. Hana, the other cat wanders over and sniffs the ball and looks at Maru like, “Dude… what are you doing?” before wandering off.

He makes a second attempt to get in, this time by putting his front paws in first and then his head. He’s finally able to poke his head through the other hole in the ball… but nothing else can pass. From one angle, it looks like a giant pink ball with a cat head sticking out. Maru realizes that he can’t go any further, so he starts trying to back up. It takes a little bit of rolling around on his back and using his hind legs as leverage on the ball, but he frees himself… and then walks off like “Been there, done that. Next!”

Some people commented that it was a bad video because of Maru getting himself wedged in the hamster ball. To that I say… have they watched a Maru video before? This is a cat who would regularly wedge himself in one of those cardboard 12-soda-can packs when he was younger. He does not put himself into any situation that he can’t get himself out of… though it might take a bit longer to extricate himself and it might not be that graceful… but this what makes him Maru, darn it…

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