Maru The Cat Sticks His Head In Box. I Was Cracking Up At What Was On The Outside.

I was sitting at my laptop when I got a notification that a new Maru video was out. I literally yelped, “MARU!” and clicked on the box. Within seconds I was transported to the YouTube page and I watched it as eagerly as I would open a present. It was so worth it… as is every one of these videos from the Internet sensation. Both my wife and I were both laughing so hard and oohing and ahhing too.

The premise of the video is simple. Maru, who loves sticking his head in boxes does so again, except there’s a hole on the other side for his face to stick through. On top of the hole are various hairstyles made of wool. When his face peeks out through the other side, he has the appearance of having that particular hairstyle. It’s an incongruous and yet hilarious look for the kitty.

We see four various styles. The first one is a green shaggy hairstyle. Yes, I said green. Hey, this is Japan. He looks hilarious with this green curly hair. I wouldn’t be caught dead having hair like that, but Maru makes it work to an extent. The other three are black bobbed hair, brown pigtails, and yellow one-length. While this wouldn’t work on many cats, Maru somehow makes it work with his facial expressions.

I think Hana was the only one not impressed by this whole thing. At the end of the video, we see her laying on her side, just kind of like “Meh. Not doing anything for me. You can have your fun, though…”

Which one of these was your favorite? I’d have to say mine was the first, the green shaggy hair. Tel us your thoughts in the comments section and please “Like” us on Facebook.

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