Maru The Cat Ventures Outside On Snow Day. His Sledding Adventures Are AWESOME.

When it comes to YouTube personalities, I’d have to say my favorite one isn’t even human. He’s a cat named Maru. His videos about his love for diving into boxes and other things have captivated me for quite some time. The vast majority of his videos have been shot indoors, so that’s why this one of him outside in the snow was a bit jarring. Still… it’s Maru. He could just sit on top of a phone book and I’d find it adorable.

At first, Maru is content to walk around in the snow. Then he starts to realize that it’s deeper than he though – there are a couple of times that he almost falls all the way to the bottom of a particularly deep area of powder snow. Undeterred, he gets back up and keeps up this little nature hike. Then he comes across something really cool that grabs his attention for the rest of the video: A plastic sled.

He doesn’t start playing with it at first, but then he can’t resist looking at it and eventually pushing it down a hill. Then a little lightbulb seems to go off in his head: Hey… maybe this might be fun to ride…. The first attempt doesn’t completely smoothly – the sled goes off the grooved trail for the sled. The second time proves to be the charm as he almost surfs down the hill on the sled. He then stands there, triumphant, as the video fades to black.

Maru is a world-famous cat for a reason. He’s very intelligent and he’s also very charming. The people who film this do a great job of editing. Even though I am not a fan of snow, I could watch Maru playing in it all day. I’d be doing this from the comfort of my own home, far from any snow on the ground… But if this cat wants to have fun in the snow, who am I to stop him? My cats would prefer to stay home, too.

Have you had your cat go outside in the snow? How did it go? Tell us all about it in the comments section!

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