Maru The Cat Has Work Cut Out For Him. An Amazon Box Leads Him To Quite The Struggle! LOL!

There are times that our desires don’t even make sense to us. We may not fully understand all the things that drive us to do the things that we do, or even understand the motivation behind why we want to do it, but that won’t stop us. We are going to accomplish what we set out to accomplish. We are going to complete our journey of weird goals. No matter what any naysayers say. (I think they only say nay?)

This kind of dedication has started many a great adventure. From hiking Mount Everest, traveling to the moon, reaching the highest peaks, the lowest valleys and even some places in between. This may be the case with Maru the cat. He may have some issues with boxes, others have gone so far to call Maru a “boxoholic,” which I didn’t even know was a thing. Yet, when it comes to being places that you usually wouldn’t recommend or may be slightly dangers, you can be sure that cats will be there to surprise the heck out of you with their constant attempts.

It may baffle you to watch this. I know I was confused and amused for the longest time when I first saw Maru in action. What was the desired goal? What motivated him to conquer this Amazon box with such unstoppable nerve and dedication? Why continue to try? Yet, some things or ideas aren’t rooted in a “why” reason. Sometimes, it’s just knowing that not only you could do it, but that you had the follow through to accomplish it. Maru is one hilarious, box addicted cat.

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