Maru and Hana find new toy in their living room. Their antics made me laugh out loud.

It’s a wonderful day… know why? There’s a new Maru video out. Seeing those notifications always makes me smile. There hasn’t been a bad one yet, and this one keeps that streak going. The stars are both Maru and Hana and they do things that will make you laugh… and leave you waiting for another one to come out as soon as possible.

There’s a new addition to the Maru/Hana household. No, not another cat. It’s a scratching post that’s two boards leaning on each other to form the shape of a triangle. I guess their thinking was that Maru would scratch on one side and Hana would use the other side. Do you think it worked out like that? If you answered yes, please wait while I finish laughing so hard that my sides hurt…

Of course, Maru doesn’t use the scratching post for its true purpose. Instead, he dives in the middle and proceeds to torture Hana every time she walks by. They fall into a pattern of play-fighting. She walks near and his paw darts out to bop her. They do this just to annoy each other – believe me, if it was going to escalate into a real cat fight, there would be a lot of hair and fur flying.

Why are cats jerks to each other in these kind of play situations? Does the hunter instinct kick in or are they just drawn to do this? I think it might be a little of both from each column. Either way, even though they are getting on each other’s nerves, they are still so adorable. Maru can do no wrong, and Hana has also shown herself to be quite the little bundle of fun herself. May they continue to make many great videos.

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