Maru And Hana Share A Hammock With Hilarious Results!

Cats are some of the most mysterious and at the same time hilarious creatures you will have the fortune to interact with in your life!  To be respected by your cat is truly one of the biggest accomplishments for a cat-owner, second only to enjoying their weird day to day shenanigans!

Take Maru and Hana, these two beautiful cat celebrities hail from Japan and they want to share with you their favorite spot to chill and nap!

You see they just got a hammock and are quite content to squish comfortably together after a busy day chasing bugs and pranking each other!

In the video below you’ll be able to watch them enjoy the amazing cat hammock. They are relaxing and grooming each other, just being all around cute and cavity inducing sweet! However, careful watchers will probably be wondering how these two cats are able to fit in this tiny hammock, well just wait ‘til the end of the video to see the results of kitty-sharing!

Cat hammocks are such a genius invention that every owner should get. Not only are they wonderful pieces of pet furniture, they can be moved anywhere while providing a comfy bed for your pet.

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