Marvin Gaye Fans Go Wild With Hitchhiker Dance

When you hear Marvin Gaye’s music, you might think of his sweet, soulful, romantic songs that can perfectly set any mood. Even though Gaye was known for his sensual songs, the music legend had upbeat hits too.

Released in 1964, “Hitchhike” was one of Marvin’s more popular energetic songs. It was filled with groovy beats, great backup vocals, and the perfect tune to make listeners dance, and that’s just what it did.

During an appearance on the Teen Age Music International Show in 1964, the crowd went wild for Marvin’s performance. The cheery tune came with its fair share of incredible dance moves thanks to the background dancers.

Tagged “The Hitchhiker Dance,” teenagers and young adults all over learned the moves to cut a rug to this fabulous hit. It’s a simple dance that involves having your thumbs up as if you’re going to hitch a ride. We can’t get over the joy and nostalgia this 1960s classic brings.