Massive Hippo Gets A Dental Check Up… So Scary!

There are many times that we may be afraid of something due to the sheer size. I know that when it comes to bears, tigers, or even rhinos and elk the size of the animals is enough to make anyone take a few steps back. Sometimes it’s enough to even make them reassess their actions, and think twice about whether it’s worth it. There are many animals, even humans, who can act rather oddly or even aggressively when we least expect it. It’s the idea of not knowing or being incapable of being able to predict what’s going to happen next. Am I going to get mauled or am I getting a hug? This very idea led many different workers to worry when it came to cleaning the massive jaws and teeth or Tetsuo, the hippo.

While many thinks of hippos as cute, they can also be just as vicious as any predatory animal out there. It’s a subject that has led to many different people throwing their opinion into the ring. Yet, it seems after seeing what they are capable of, just as it’s easy to agitate an elephant by getting too close, It’s really the luck of the draw. The animals are as unpredictable as any other, sure your intentions may be pure, but there could be bad events in their past that’s left a bad taste in their mouths. When one brave worker aims to clean the plague and other problems of Tetsuo’s mouth, while it may be scary, it’s a necessary thing that needs to happen.

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