Massive Pooch Celebrates His 7th Birthday… Awesome!

Birthdays can be a time of great joy and celebration. For many, as they grew up, birthdays were sort of a mini Christmas. It may not have been everything you wanted, but you were treated special all day, because it is the anniversary of the day you left the warmth of your caring and loving mother’s womb. I know mothers probably remember it somewhat the same, but at the same time all too differently. They were glad you were out so they could embrace you. So, they could hug and enjoy you outside of their body. So, you could go on the pathway to discovering this crazy and unique experience called life. It’s a proud moment for a mother to finally come face to face with the bundle of joy she always wanted to deliver into the world. Sometimes, this may be met with tragedy, but if we never tried to do anything, we would be going nowhere as a species. It’s important to get up that 7th time after falling 6 times.

For the joy that you experience on this most celebrated of days, it can really put things into perspective. You can think of all the things you still have left to do, all the goals and dreams you have yet to accomplish and aim to succeed at. However, when it comes to Sebastian, a Newfoundland pooch, I think we can all agree that the splash he makes is as big as he is!

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