Massive Saint Bernard Must Grab Attention. When You See Why? I Was In Absolute Tears! Aww!

Everyone has a desire deep inside of them, regardless of how they usually act. It’s important to recognize, they aren’t doing it to be annoying. They aren’t doing it to stop you from having fun. Some people are just needy and need attention more than others. Yet, even if this is the case for most people, that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t cross over to some of our furrier friends. There have been many instances when a dog or cat, and even on some occasion, reptile, want to be acknowledged. They want love and they want to make sure that dad or mom still loves them. Or rather, they want to know that they matter. That they aren’t just a burden to the ones who take care of them. It’s important to feel like an asset or someone whose helping, regardless of what stage in life you are at. While it may happen at somewhat inopportune times, or times when you yourself are overwhelmed or doing something time sensitive, these paws grabbing at your attention can be seen by some as unnecessary. It’s important to remember, that just like anything else living, there is a desire to be needed and wanted- to be useful. Sometimes, the resulting actions can be overwhelmingly precious.

That’s exactly what we see with one precious Saint Bernard, who isn’t too concerned with how busy or actively focused the parents are. Sometimes, you just must let it happen, and really let your precious furred love know that they are cherished.

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