Massive St. Bernard Greets His Daddy After Long Day Of Work. I Was Not Expecting THIS, Though.

For those of us who have dogs, it’s a ritual as old as when humans first started letting canines live with them in their domiciles. Dogs are ALWAYS happy to see their mommies and daddies when they come home and are not shy about sharing their joy. There are many different ways, ranging from high leaps to practically knocking them over and licking their faces. Then there’s what transpires in this video.

We see a Saint Bernard named Sully greeting his dad after he gets home from work. The two are laying on a bed and the pooch is on top of him. The dad wants to get off the bed, but Sully is keeping his weight on him. This is quite different from how my dog used to greet me when I got home. Granted, she was much smaller, but she would be content to just jump up and down and spin around in the air.

Sully does NOT want his dad to get up off the bed. He goes as far as to lay on top of him and rest his head between his dad’s chin and neck, effectively pinning him there. It’s all in love though, he’s not showing any signs of aggression. He is determined to keep him there for a bit though, so as to get as many pats as he possibly can. Are YOU going to tell a St. Bernard that big “No”? I thought so.

I’ve never had a dog that big – the largest one I had was a miniature schnauzer. While she wasn’t big at all, she did have the ability to spread herself as wide as she wanted to be when I tried to get her off my lap. It almost was like she was goo, she was that limp. When dogs want you to stick around with them, they will try every method possible. I’d say that Sully had this one down pat… not that his dad seemed to mind.

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