Father and Daughter Come Together to Sing “White Christmas”

Mat and Savanna Shaw

They say that talent runs in families, and for father and daughter Mat and Savanna Shaw, the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. This is all the more apparent in their rendition of White Christmas.

Mat and Savanna Shaw

Their wholesome video begins in a modern minimalist home, with a decorated Christmas tree behind them. The scene is cozy and warm, with stockings hanging on the wall above a gas fireplace.

As the guitarist begins to play and a gentle percussion joins in, Mat’s pure baritone sings out, and if you have any kind of appreciation for music, you can’t help but shiver at his bright tones.

Savanna Shaw

The camera zooms out and Savanna joins back in for the second verse with Mat taking a chilling harmony. The two tones of their voices merge and dance back and forth before an instrumental interlude sweeps in.

With this transition, we get heartwarming shots of flames flickering in the gas fireplace, neutral tone stockings and the guitarist’s fingers strumming the strings to reinforce this cozy wintery classic.

Mat and Savanna Shaw

As the music swells and the camera pans out once more, the father and daughter duet sing together, shifting between soothing harmony and a playful call and response round of verses.

As the song begins to slow to its inevitable conclusion, Savanna and Mat Shaw come back together, their voices coming to rest in a calm that resonates in your bones long after the music has ended.

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