It was only a matter of time before Christmas dinner went to the dogs…

A lot of people look forward to Christmas: you get to see family, maybe enjoy some snow, exchange presents, and sit down to a great big dinner with everyone. Of course, if there’s snow, that means you have to drive through it (and/or endure delays at the airport). Exchanging gifts means you’ve got to brave the frenzied mobs of shoppers at the mall. Someone has to cook that big dinner. And dealing with family can mean a certain amount of… tension. Maybe if you look at your relatives sitting around the table and image them as dogs will help you get through it.

Freshpet, a company that makes fresh food and treats for cats and dogs seems to have run with that idea. They’ve made a really cute and funny advertisement where a bunch of dogs and one cat are sitting at the table for Christmas dinner. The cat, naturally, is at the head of the table! These animals have have human hands so they can manage the silverware. Each of them is accessorized and is playing the role of a common “type” you’ll find at any family gathering. There’s the teenager who’s hidden somewhere in his hoodie and who won’t put his cellphone down. There’s that vain cousin who constantly checks her makeup and shamelessly flirts with male in-laws. An aunt, perhaps that cousin’s mother, is busy stealing silverware. The favorite uncle is there, taking a few pulls from his hip flask — hey, whatever it takes to get him through the evening!

The really nice thing is that the animals in the ad were all available for adoption at the Humane Society of Utah. It’s a good way to remind us that pets are part of the family, too.

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