Max The Pig Gets Elated, Then Deflated, Over His New Toy

Lots of animals all over the world have to live in poor conditions, and people are the main reason why this happens. Thankfully, there are also people that work tirelessly to help out animals in need, and they make organizations that specialize in giving them a better life.

This is the case for Edgar’s Mission, a place that dedicates to rescuing domestic animals, such as the ones kept in farms. This is because many of them live in an almost miserable environment. Edgar’s Mission has helped hundreds of animals get another chance, and this is the case for Max, the pig shown in the video below.


This piggy was rescued from the street, with his skin severely wounded. Thankfully, Edgar’s Mission was there to help him. They took him in, and despite the pain that he suffered, he immediately became very happy and friendly.

Max is seen playing joyfully with people, and with his toys, like the big blue ball that he uses in the clip. He’ll bring a big smile to your face when you see how he plays with the ball, but just wait to see what happens in the end after he gives the ball a bit too much love. Don’t miss this adorable piggy getting a new life in the clip below.

Max The Pig Gets Elated, Then Deflated, Over His New Toy