This May Look Like A Dog That’s Stretching, But It’s Much More Than That… OMG!

Does your dog do your laundry? If not, maybe you need to sit your pooch down and show them Jasmine, a dog who can do just about anything! This slam-dunking, scooter-riding, piano-playing canine is so multi-talented; she puts even some humans to shame!

And talk about useful tricks! She brings her dad the remote control, picks up the mail, and cleans up her own toys. She even brings him a drink! Is there anything this little doggy can’t do? I’m a fully-grown adult human, and I can barely train myself to do the laundry on a regular basis.

If your dog happens to be a bit more of a one trick pony, don’t give up hope yet! Start with ‘don’t pee on the floor,’ and slowly work your way up to ‘dancing in a tutu.’ If your pup’s got the same potential as Jasmine, maybe one day she’ll be the one doing your laundry!

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