It May Look Like Normal Algae, But Watch Closely To See What Is Hidden Inside

During a TED talk by David Gallo, he explains to his audience about the importance of understanding our surroundings and using them to our advantage. To prove this fact, he shows them this clip from underwater. This video of an octopus in its natural environment shocked everyone in the room.

Octopuses have few offensive capabilities but have enough defensive traits to survive the deadly predators. One of its main defence techniques is camouflage. According to the Smithsonian Institute, octopuses have thousands of cells in their bodies called chromophores which allow them to quickly change the colour of their skin. With this quality they are easily able to blend in with their surroundings and fool predators into thinking they are something else entirely, rather than dinner. It’s truly an amazing ability they have.

Animals have evolved in different ways to survive in nature. Every animal has its own unique traits which help to last in this ever changing world. Octopuses sure have the most enchanting survival techniques I have ever seen. In the video you will see how this octopus is hidden at the beginning of the clip and seems to appear out of nowhere when the camera man spooks him out of hiding. Then they show the clip in slow motion, backwards, so you can see just where the octopus came from.

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