You May Not Recognize Him At First, But When He Sings This Christmas Song? He’s Unmistakable!

Andrew Hozier-Byrne grew up with a blues musician for a father in Ireland, not too far south of Dublin. By the age of 15, he was already in his first band. He then started studying music at Trinity College, Dublin, but he had to leave early to start recording with Universal Music.

You most likely know Andrew simply as “Hozier.” Yep, he’s the guy with the soulful single “Take Me to Church” that got tons of airtime this past spring. His voice is made of butter, or velvet, or something else just as smooth. The songs he writes are so full of soul, and when you combine his voice with his emotional, bluesy lyrics, it just makes you want to sidle into a big cushy chair and turn into a puddle of mush.

So, when Hozier went to choose a Christmas song to cover, he knew he had to choose something that would match his bluesy, soulful roots. What did he choose? It might surprise you, since it’s one of the oldest Christmas carols on record, dating back to the 16th century or earlier. However, once he starts to sing, everything will make sense all over again. He adds a bluesy bass line and some soothing backup vocals to an arrangement you won’t soon forget.

So sit back and let this Irish angel of blues serenade you with this haunting arrangement of a classic Christmas carol.

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