It May Be the Most Terrifyingly Patriotic Thing I Have Ever Seen. The Eagles Would Seem to Agree!

When you finally dock for the first time in days or months from long sea voyages, most people’s minds would be on a warm shower, hot food, maybe coffee. To see their loved ones and/or friends, family. However, we find ourselves in the presence of quite the eccentric, yet patriotic sailor. While others look to the sea, smoke a cigarette, work on their boats- he has other plans all to entirely.

He gets the gracious and charitable idea to feed the seagulls once he gets into port. And WOW have they gotten bigger. They seem fundamentally different. I say this only because I’ve never ran from a seagull in fear for my life. However over twenty Bald Eagles? This man is made of the sterner stuff for sure.

After handing out as much shrimp as he caught, the kind Samaritan gives a solid “Rock On, America!” Very patriotic indeed. I’m glad they got at least one free meal from one kind soul. Not they need any help whatsoever. I’m sure that every meal they hunt is a “free meal.” Yet these beautiful birds aren’t just gathering around the food, they completely surround the docks. Fierce, precise, and gorgeous as the day is long.

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