Mayhem Is Every Cat You’ve Owned In This Hilarious Allstate Commercial

In this hilarious commercial, Allstate’s Mayhem character gets up to all sorts of kitty mischief. Taking on the persona of every cat we’ve ever owned, he wreaks havoc on every part of the home, from the carpets to the canary. It might be cat love, or it might be tiger DNA. Watch and decide.

Ever since we brought home Mayhem the cat, he says he’s been plotting to destroy us. He’s been sizing us up, calculating our every move. That, and he’s been turning on the faucet and overfilling the sink, eating our canaries and destroying our knick-knacks, all in a bid for kitty dominance over our lives — and it’s been working.

In the perfect representation of how our lives are affected by the cats we love, Mayhem rides a robotic vacuum, hissing while his pet parent records a video of how cute he is. So many things can go wrong when you bring a creature into your home who is essentially and miniature wild animal. Who really thinks we can actually tame a cat?