They Were Meant For Each Other: 4-Year-Old Girl Felt That This Was The Right Dog For Her!

Jamie Salazar who is suffering from autism doesn’t speak or show emotions. But everything has changed since she saw this wonderful pit bull named Malcolm.

When Jamie saw the dog at the Animal Humane shelter for the first time, her behavior has completely changed. Usually the girl is very suspicious of different animals, but this time she rushed to touch Malcolm. Moreover, she even expressed joy and laughed – the thing she almost never does.

“It will take her a few hours at the least to warm up to any kind of pet. She doesn’t like the touch, the feel, the smell anything at all,” her mother explained.

And there are a lot of cases of unbelievable bond between children with autism and dogs, who have changed their lives. That’s what Ivy Salazar, the mother of the girl, hopes for her little baby as well.

As her mom said, Jamie and Malcolm must have been meant to be in each other’s lives.

“I’m going to cry,” she also said. “I can’t even explain how it happened.”

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